May 162011

One of the best things about Chia is how many folks experiment with them to create their own recipes. This one is obviously a labor of love:

chia cherry juiceI have been seriously OBSESSED with this drink for the past week, and could not wait to share it here! If you like gooey, jello-y type drinks (think tapioca pudding and bubble tea-type things), this drink is for you.  And if you are not sure if you like that type of drink, please try it anyway.  Just trust me!


What you see in the jar is a soaked chia seed drink.  We sell a bottled drink at the store called Mamma Chia, which is juice, agave, and chia seeds.  They sell pretty well, but of course my first thought was ‘I could make that!’ But it was actually my rad boss who turned me onto the idea (and the tricks- see below).  My particular favorite is a combination of cherry juice, apple juice, and water (I don’t like straight juice) shaken with 3 tbsp chia seeds.  I also have made a cherry lemonaide which was spectacular as well, while my boss uses just iced tea.  The chia seeds soak up water and create a gelatinous texture throughout the whole drink- each sip is gooey and a bit crunchy from the teeny seeds- it is a super fun texture for a drink.  I am totally addicted to it, and have to limit myself to one jar a day!

Best of all, chia seeds are incredibly healthy.  According to the Mamma Chia site, chia seeds are an ancient source of energy, nutrients, and healthy oils.  These teeny seeds contain good amounts of fiber, omega-3, complete protein, calcium and potassium, magnesium, and iron.  And unlike flaxseeds which must be ground to obtain their benefits, chia can be eaten whole and you still get all the nutrition (but you can grind them too!).  It was revered by Native cultures throughout the Americas for their battles and long-distance travels… but now we can enjoy it for our long-distance days at the computer or working it at the Maui Ag Fest! And here is how to do it:

Cherry Chia Juice:

4 oz cherry juice (or other!)
3 oz apple juice
5 oz water (or to taste)
3 tbsp chia seeds

Add the juices/water to a jar, in whatever combination you like (the photo above is a standard 16oz jar).  Add the chia seeds and shake vigorously.  Let the drink settle and shake again.  Give it a shake about every 30 seconds for the next few minutes.  The chia gets sticky very quickly, and if you simply shake and walk away it will solidify into one chia-mass, which is not good for drinking.  My boss taught me that there is only a three minute window in which to obtain the PERFECT texture. So keep shaking while you’re doing the dishes, cooking dinner, or what have you.  After a few minutes, the seeds should be mostly evenly distributed, though some will rise and some will sink.  Store in the fridge for at least a few hours, but overnight is best for the thickest texture.  If you think about it, give it a shake every few hours, but this is not really necessary.  When ready, the chia seeds will be evenly distributed and suspended in the gooeyness they created, as you can see in the photos.  Enjoy!


this photo kind of gives you an idea of the slightly thick, viscous texture of the drink

and YES, chia seeds are the SAME chia of our childhood chia pets.Cha-cha-cha CHIA!




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