Chia Seeds Health Benefit Recognized by Many

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Jun 132012

LA Times story

LA Times

Just to prove that we aren’t the only ones who recognize that chia seed is a wonderful addition to anyone’s diet here is a link to a story published by the Los Angeles Times¬† a few days ago. Just more proof that many are beginning to recognize Chia seeds health benefit.

It is certainly rewarding when one of the best newspapers in the country finally picks up on a story. Perhaps now many others will try adding Chia to their diets and get the many benefits that Chia has to offer.

If you have been reading about all thisfor a while there isn’t much new to read here but go ahead and read it anyway. It is just pretty great that our favorite health supplement is getting this much attention.

Read the entire article here:

L.A. Times

Chia Seeds Health Benefit Recognized By Many