Holistic Medicine Strategy to Prevent Disease

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Oct 292014

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A Holistic Medicine Strategy to Preventing Diseases

Many people focus on the treating of disease and overlook the concept of preventive medicine. The truth is that prevention can go beyond washing hands and getting enough sleep even though those activities are certainly essential.

Holistic medicine has several approaches to controlling disease as well as treating it in a healthful and natural way. This is because holistic medicine sees the patient in a distinctive way; quite different from traditional medicine.

Holistic medicine approaches the person all together, not simply their ailment, issue or symptoms. This means that the mind, body, and character are all taken into account when deciding treatment methods and elimination of disease.

What You Can Do to Heal Yourself

Much of the power of stopping disease is in your own hands. There are many holistic practices you can consider to improve your immune system to keep you resistant to the most virulent diseases.

Here are some examples:

• Take Vitamins or Supplements: Men and women’s one-a-day health supplements are often chock full of ingredients that encourage bone, heart, and immune system health. If you take these regularly, you can strengthen your level of resistance. One of the best supplements for your body is Chia seeds which contain a great deal of nutritional value including heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids and can be added to most meals successfully.

• Proper Nutrition: A diet containing healthy whole foods and does not contain junk food is the ideal approach to keep a body sturdy, healthy and to enhance immunity.

• Anti-Oxidant Rich Foods: Anti-oxidant rich foods help to reduce cancer and combat free radicals that can cause disease; a diet containing these foods is one natural strategy to living a lengthy and healthy life.

• Add Citrus to Your Diet: Citrus fruits are a great source of Vitamin C that’s known for promoting strong immunity. By adding fruits, including lemon, orange, grape fruit, limes, and more. The juices of such fruits are quite effective.

• Practice Reducing Stress: This is one of the best things you can do to help sustain your health. Despite vitamin supplements, minerals, citrus fruit, sleep, and more, stress can reverse all of your hard work and damage your immune system. Practicing stress management strategies like deep breathing, physical exercise such as yoga, meditation and positive affirmation can help you to prevent stress before it starts to injure immune system health.

What Holistic Medicine is

Holistic medicine refers to the philosophy guiding the holistic care approach. As mentioned, holistic care refers to taking care of the whole person as opposed to just their condition. Because of holistic medicine’s comprehensive solution to patients, it’s seen as a preventive in addition to a therapeutic medicine that emphasizes self-care and self-healing. This is why looking at what you as the individual can do for yourself is really a large part of holistic care.

Holistic medicine can also be an umbrella term for more extreme cases especially when it comes to treating disease if preventive actions didn’t work. As an umbrella term, it describes an array of health care approaches that may include modern day medicine plus holistic options.

Some of the main preventive approaches holistic medicine focuses on are the following:

• Acupuncture
• Faith Healing
• Psychotherapy
• Self-Massage
• Yoga
• Mega-Vitamin Therapy

The Bottom Line

Holistic medicine is a natural option to contemporary, or mainstream medications and remedies. To be able to stop disease before it starts, it is essential to apply self-care along with other natural methods that will help build up your immune system.

Holistic medicine is all about therapeutic care that is designed to make the patient feel good inside and out. Where the majority of traditional medications and preventive practices target the disease at hand, holistic care providers understand that there is also a person to relate to amid illness and the most effective way to protect against any illness is to maintain overall health and wellness.

Heeding holistic medicine’s preventive tips and advice can help you to increase your immune system so you don’t have to worry about annoying ailments such as cold, flu or other nastier diseases, like, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and more.