Developing a Meal Plan for Losing Weight

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Oct 142014

How to Build a Meal Plan for Losing Weight

Do you know what the problems with dieting and diets is? Well, there are a lot of problems but the worst one is that they don’t work! But, you may ask, how can you say that? There are uncounted thousands of diets out there. Well, I say, that is exactly the point; if dieting and diets worked there would be no overweight people and there would not be an obesity epidemic!

If you have a few extra pounds left over that you don’t want forget dieting. Instead do a little bit of research and develop your own personalized meal plan for losing weight.

A well thought out meal plan is always better than “dieting”. Any meal plan for losing weight is by definition a proactive choice you make for yourself. An effective eating plan you develop for yourself allows a far greater amount of creativity about food selections, when, and even where you eat.

Step One

Remarkably, it isn’t that hard to design an effective and highly personalized meal plan for losing weight. The first critical step is for you to be very honest with yourself. I am sure you already know your eating challenges; those foods that you have problems avoiding. So step one in crafting your meal plan for losing weight is to create a “do not eat under any circumstances” list of food. But, this is not like all the other diets that require you to deny yourself. This personalized meal plan replaces each item on the “never eat” list with something else you can eat. For example, if you are a chip freak, replace potato chips with sunflower seeds. Have a sweet tooth (I certainly do!) replace pastries and cookies with banana chips. Are you big on ice cream? Replace it with frozen fruits like Cherries, grapes, or Blueberries.

Step 2

Once your naughty list is complete, the next step in your personalized meal plan for losing weight is to build your “must eat” list. The foods on this list are going to be the foundation of your main meals. This list is going to be more successful the more dual threat foods you put on it. By that I mean that these selections need to be both delicious and nutritious. If something tastes good but does not offer enough nutritional value, it doesn’t make the list. Be ruthless! this is your figure we are talking about!

The Correct Shopping Strategy

Develop a shopping strategy that keeps you out of the center aisles as much as possible. The trick is to shop the perimeter of the store where the fresh produce is. Venture into the center only for must have items you have decided on beforehand. Focus on each item that goes into your cart. Everything is subject to the same “buy” vs. “bye-bye” decision. Writing down you shopping list ahead of time helps with this a lot. It should go without saying that any food not on either of your lists must be able to make an excellent argument for being included.

Once you have begun to live with your personalized meal plan for losing weight I predict that you will make the following changes:

  • You will save money by not buying meals at drive-troughs or gas stations
  • There are going to be a number of restaurants you no longer visit
  • In a short time you will forget to obsess over the food on the “never” list
  • Those few pounds we talked about earlier will be gone for good
  • You will be healthier with fewer colds
  • You will have more energy

Losing weight and keeping it off never has to be about suffering and denial. It should be about focusing on the excitement of achievement and something to be proud of. Doing something good for yourself is never a bad thing.