Prevent Heart Disease and Live Better

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Oct 282014

prevent heart disease

How to Prevent Heart Disease

Though heart disease is one of the leading causes of death of adults in America, it can be stopped in its tracks with a few preventive strategies that can make all the difference. Heart disease may be a part of family history, a product of age, or even something that is more common in your sex, but there is still hope for you to be able to prevent heart disease.

Heart disease is a serious condition that can greatly reduce one’s quality of life and eventually leads to death. It is important to do all that you can to build up strength against heart disease as it is very common in today’s society.

With the following easy strategies, you may be able to protect yourself and your loved ones and prevent heart disease.

A Healthy Heart

Despite family history and other factors out of your control, the most important action you can take for yourself is to maintain a healthy heart. How healthy your heart is hinges upon a number of different factors such as the following:

• Schedule and intensity of physical exercise
• Your diet
• Self-care
• Lifestyle choices like drinking alcohol and using tobacco products

How you treat your body may be the prominent deciding element in whether or not serious health conditions develop. Some activities, such as smoking, drinking alcohol heavily, and taking other drugs are known to weaken your heart and raise your potential for developing heart disease.

Other lifestyle choices like a high fat, high cholesterol diet and a lack of exercise may damage your heart by blocking your arteries and weakening the heart muscles.

Like your other muscles, the heart needs a regular workout to stay healthy, and too many people fail to engage in a cardiovascular workout at least once a week. The changes you can make to prevent heart disease are both simple and highly effective.

Healthy Heart Strategies

To develop and maintain a healthy heart it is important to change your lifestyle in some way. Doing too much or too little can be harmful to your body but finding the right balance of work and rest can lead to complete heart health. The following are the top strategies to prevent heart disease:

• Cut Smoking and Tobacco Use Out of Your Life: The chemicals present in tobacco make it one of the leading risk factors for developing heart disease. When inhaled or chewed, tobacco can damage both your heart and your blood vessels, which can lead to atherosclerosis, or blocking of the arteries.

When the arteries are narrowed, it makes it harder for oxygenated blood to pass through the body. This can result in a heart attack and death. Cigarettes and their smoke your also contain carbon monoxide, which can actually replace the oxygen in your blood which causes your heart to work harder to do its natural duties.

This can lead to significant wear and tear on the muscle, as well as, increase the risk of blood clots.

• Engage in Regular Exercise: Most people feel that they do not have time for exercise during their work week. However, engaging in at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week is definitely worth it in terms of both overall and heart health.

Regular exercise increases your heart rate which helps strengthen muscle and cut down on any strain on the heart. Frequent physical exercise also helps control weight, reduces the chance of developing blood pressure issues, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and more.

• Create a Heart Healthy Diet: Certain foods just aren’t good for the body. They hold no nutritional value and can increase your risk of heart disease. By creating a heart healthy diet, you’ll look better, feel better, and reduce your risk of developing heart disease and other serious conditions.

Add these heart healthy foods to your diet for the best results:

• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Lean Meats
• Fish
• Beans
• Whole Grains
• Low Fat Protein: Fish, chicken and turkey

Add even more heart health to your diet by including Chia seeds into as many of your recipes as you can. Chia provides a whole lot of nutritional value including heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. As a bonus, Chia has no real taste so adding it to smoothies, salads, stir fry and the like won’t change the taste of the dish.

Heart disease can be prevented with a little work on your part. Remember to cut tobacco and smoking out of your life all together, engage in regular exercise and create a delicious and healthy diet to promote optimal heart health for years to come.